Money Talks

You’ve heard that money talks; well it does!  Even more, money tells the truth. It tells the truth about what we love. Our money talks louder than our mouth. Jesus said, “where your treasure is your heart will be also.”   Because this is true, we put our money where our heart is not where our mouth is.

We husbands can say “I love you sweetheart” but never give our wives any money for shoes or things that delight them.  Or were a bit tight about her spending $90.00 on a dress but we have to have a $400 fishing rod or some other necessary equipment.   In fact, it’s funny when you walk down the street where we live, you can tell which the husband’s car is and which the wife’s car is.  The husband has the V8 commodore and the wife is the $3000 Toyota.  Money tells it like it is.

One day Mary came to Jesus and declared her love without words; her money spoke. Her money told the truth.  She came that day with a jar of spikenard to pour over his feet, worth $100,000 in today’s money. This was her lively hood. If she was previously a “lady of the night,” this would represent her life savings. She needed this for her future years as she would never be married. She gave it totally to Jesus. Her heart and her gifts said “You’re my greatest love. More than any wealthy man, who kept me, brought me or delighted in me. You are now more than everything in the world. You are now my future; all of my hopes are in you.” She told the truth of her love, out of her heart and her gift filled the house with the fragrance of that worship.

Friend, we have many opportunities to give to Jesus and if the truth is being told when we do, it will fill His house with that fragrance.


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