Getting over failure


A number of years ago I was in a worship time and I heard a voice speak to me to do something with was not bad in any way but I just wasn’t sure it was God. Initially, because I heard this voice in the worship time, I thought it must be God.  However it didn’t sound like Him and I’d never heard a voice like that before, so I wasn’t sure. If it hadn’t of been a good thing it was suggesting, I would have dismissed it straight away.  I was confused and then condemned as I struggle to reconcile who had spoken.  If it was the devil, I would never do it but if it was God and I don’t do it, I could lose His blessing because of disobedience.

I decided it was the devil and still fought condemnation for some time. Part of the problem was I didn’t think that the devil could just turn up in the presence of God like that, when I was worshipping God.  I guess I should have twigged but have since then I’ve discovered that he often turns up in God’s presence to condemn.

In the book of Zachariah 3, Joshua the High Priest is standing before the Lord and Satan was standing at his right hand to oppose him. Satan is there right in the presence of God. Right when God is speaking to you and wanting to bless you and speak to you the devil is accusing you.  We might come into the presence of God to hear and to receive life but many times there is a battle that first must be won.  The battle to hear the Lords voice, over the enemy’s voice. “You’re not worthy of blessing; God has nothing to say to you; you’ll have to much better that that, if you expect God to really love you.”

But God speaks above the accusation, “See I have removed your iniquity from you and I will clothe on with rich robes of my righteousness”

And friend, our Fathers word, is the final word.


The theology of work

Adam was connected to God and to his work, but since the fall, man has had trouble connecting work and God together.  The best many Christians have been able to do, was connect Sunday with God where as all week as well as the day of rest, Adam and Eve were connected with God in their work.

In fact it seems from scripture, that eternity will be filled with creative fulfilling important work; not clouds and harps.   Work is our first mandate.  Our first calling is as regent under God (Earthly rulers representing heavenly king), is to rule over the earth and subdue it. We are commissioned to subdue the earth. Engineers, builders, dressmakers, and florists all make the earth work for us.   We are take the earth resources and use them we are to take the earths challenges and overcome them.

Humans are world makers.  Agricultural, material, political, aesthetic work, musical, artistic work, relationship work, or technical work we are making our world.

So when man makes a tunnel under the sea from England and France bringing people together, God says yes!   God wanted to use man to release potential of the planet. Gods potential in the plant, is released when we work with God.  And that is what we all working to do. Release the potential of creation.

So a teacher releases potential in their pupils. A mussel farmer releases potential of the ocean.   And doctor releases potential of healing in a person. God actually heals but the doctor assist the process of releasing the full potential of healing. A cook releases the potential of veggies.

Parents, builders, everyone; if we aren’t releasing potential, then we aren’t working with God.   If you’re holding down, holding back, keeping something or someone under, then start working with God.  This is the reason why the 5 fold ministry is called the work; it’s all about releasing potential in people.

Friend, there are no easy jobs done by Christians. We all have time and abilities and we all use resources, machines and responsibilities. Your job is no harder that mine and no easier.  Every job done faithfully and well is difficult whether a builder or accountant.  It is no harder for me to do my job well that it is for you to do your job well.

No bones about it

When Darwin was asked about the fact that there is no fossil evidence of any intermediate life forms between a fish and a cow or a bird and a monkey, he confessed that it was as embarrassing problem with his theory.

What the fossil record does show which is embarrassing to evolutionist is that the foot prints of man are found in the same strata as signs of what they call homo erectus and Neanderthal man. In other words the ancient primates where living at the same time as men.

So far all the primitive men that are meant to be the missing link between man and monkey are either all in the monkey bones or mens bone  but still nothing in between.   They are embarrassed about Piltdown man who turned out to be a total hoax and likewise are embarrassed about Nebraska man who was all based upon a pigs tooth.

Friends make no bones about it…God made us.










You have not missed out

The garden is completely quiet. The animals were hushed as if aware of the danger Adam and Eve  were in . The Serpent slid towards the women as she walked among the trees. His strategy was clear; create doubt. “God knows that when you eat of the fruit you’ll be like him.  He’s holding out on you; He’s trying to short change you.  Your life is  incomplete and if you want to get what you have missed out, you need to eat the fruit.

His strategy is the same today. He whispers “He’s’ short changed you. He gave all the brains to your brother and you are dull as a drain and your sister got all the looks. He didn’t give you what you really need, so how can He be trusted.

When Israel was wondering what God was doing with them the prophet said “Woe to those who strive with their maker.”   It is not reasonable to strive with God our Maker. He knows the reason he made us the way we are.  We are not born to impress the world for a short season of life with beautiful looks and stellar personality.

Friend, we are brought forth really for a time to come. God is looking beyond this life to His kingdom and the wisdom of every hard time, sad thing, difficult upbringing and every feeling of inadequacy will be demonstrated and shown to be necessary, to produce the character we will want in the kingdom.

More sense

Have you noticed that everything that works has been designed by an intelligent person? Think of a watch which is intricate and cleverly designed to function for a specific purpose. Things the really work well and that are very complex have been designed by someone very intelligent. Things like the universe, the eye, and DNA! Incredible intelligence.  The chances of DNA happening randomly has been worked out to be the same odds as if you put a monkey in a room with a type writer and waited till it produced a set of encyclopaedia Britannica.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times people are told that they are animals and not loved by and created by God, they still find it hard to swallow. There is something in man that just knows they are special and different- that they are more than an animal.

They have a body like an animal, they may have a brain like an animal but there is something else.  There is something inside them that they need to be filled from outside of themselves.  They know life has to be more than golf, cars, girlfriends, romance or money. As Augustine said there is a God shaped void in the heart of every man and he is restless till he finds his rest in God.

Friend, let you creator fill you, for He make you for himself.


Green Jesus

The whole creation is waiting for Gods sons to be manifest.  These are the ones who God will use to restore man to his proper place.  When people sin, they are not just sinning against God or themselves, they sin against the whole created world.  The whole of creation knows that mankind is wrong without God.  When one nation had revival, they repented of their sins nationally and even the land starting being happy and the crops doubled!

The scriptures says “All the trees of the field shall clap their hands” and I think it’s real.  I think that “dumb plants” have whatever consciousness plants have glorify God any way they can.

Friend, Christians have a responsibility to the earth that exceeds that of unredeemed people. We are the only ones who are rightly related to the Creator. We should be showing others the way to environmental responsibility, acting like God who cares for and nurtures His creation.

The trouble with evolution

You have heard about the scientist who got little life forms to manifest from putting dirt filled with microbes into an environment of sunshine and ammonia as an experiment and excitedly found microscopic life forming. That all looks good till God says “Well, you make your own dirt you own microbes, your own sun and your own gas! In other words you start with nothing and see what you can do!

Evolutionists say that animal forms developed by mutations.  The trouble is that nearly all mutations are degenerative, like a fifth leg growing on a lamb, or they bring the creature to an early death.

Another fact they ignore is that animals reproduce after their own kind. They do and they always have.  Animals do not change no matter how many times they mate.   A cat always produces cats; never dogs or horses.  There may be adaptation within species or the effects of selective breeding. Dogs may be bred smaller or bigger or spotted or without a tail but they will always be dogs!

Question. If we had rain for 50 years in a row will birds start flying down to the sea to try to mate with fish?  And how is a seagull who lives only 10 years going to change before it dies or see the need to tell its offspring to grow scales.

When Darwin was asked about the fact that there is no fossil evidence of any intermediate life forms between a fish and a cow or a bird and a monkey, he confessed that it was as embarrassing problem with his theory.

So far all the bones that are meant to be from primitive men or the missing link between man and monkey are either all monkey bones or men’s bone  but still nothing in between.   They are embarrassed about Piltdown man who turned out to be a total hoax and likewise are embarrassed about Nebraska man which was all based upon a pigs tooth.

What the fossil record does show which is embarrassing to evolution is that the foot prints of man are found in the same strata as what they call homo erectus and Neanderthal man. In other words the ancient primates where living at the same time as men.

Friend, we can be glad we’ve  been made in the image of our Creator not the  image of the amoeba, monkey or the evolutionist.


Our world generally climbs on board the band wagon of Darwin.  That we are evolved by natural selection and survival of the fittest. Which means that there are glaring inconsistencies in a society.

Evolution make justice a joke – no lawyer or judge can with integrity believe in evolution.   In evolution, the one that kills the other weaker one is the better in the animal world. So if we are animals too, the murder should be the hero and they should be encouraged to breed.

The education of our children  in character traits is inconsistent with the teachers of evolution in our schools.  If we are animals that must dominate to survive and improve the species, there can be no place for patience, kindness, mercy,  goodness or self control or caring in the life of animals.

It also means of course that we are not responsible for our actions.   If we are just reacting as an animal does to the situations in our life our options are on only flight or fight.

Another strange inconsistency is that according to the rules of science, evolution doesn’t even qualify as a scientific theory.   A theory is scientific if it fits known facts that have been compiled, studied and verified by trained observation. These facts are generalized (scientific hypothesis) and used as a rough working model to test by further observation. This observation has never been done. The reason being you cannot repeat something that is unique.

Friend, fortunately in most of the  scenarios above, the school teachers and judges on Darwin’s wagon are inconsistent maybe because they either deep down know evolution is wrong or they really hope it is.

Planet of the Apes

Darwin was a theology student who dropped out and devised a theory for the appearance of nature and animals, which removed the need for God.

His theory is that life formed by spontaneous generation; that cells formed in the primeval swamp; then simple life forms, then complex forms then fish, birds, animals, apes and finally you.

Later he admitted to his wife that he didn’t think people would adopt the theory like they did, and near the end of his life, his theology and sense of common sense led him back to faith in Christ.

Bill Gothard said “A person’s theology generally is shaped by their morality” so every person that wanted to be free of God, grasped the theory of evolution with both hands.  The problem is that if you reject humans and creation as the special act and design of God you also reject the value of humans.  Generations of young people have been robbed of hope and dignity and value. They have been told they are animals who are just born to survive and then die.  A further consequence of that sort of thinking is that there is no moral content to life.  There is no right or wrong so if it feels good do it. There is no God to whom we are accountable.  Right and wrong become subjective.

There can also be no such thing as love only lust, for love is seeking the highest good for another person, which you would not do if you are an animal. For animals it is domination and survival of the fittest.

Friend, thank God you are his special creation; you have a moral compass in your heart and you are greatly loved by Him.